MaticKos Photography


Photo-coffee in Ljubljana with miss Anamarija Sajovic. Even strong sun at high noon isn't too much of a problem for a more flat, fashion-like photos. Pastel pp, low contrasts, low saturation and that's it..

Foto-coffee v Ljubljani z gospodično Anamarijo Sajovic. Tudi močno sonce in opoldanska ura ni prevelika ovira za bolj ploske (flat) fashion fotke. Pastelna obdelava, nizki kontrasti, zbita saturacija in to je to..


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In a sense: falling is like dreaming..

.. you eventually hit the bottom.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

Well, we all got hit by recession one way or another. It strongly reflects in the modeling world as well. There used to be people high in the clouds, that were finally shot down, some even below the ground level. From models to photographers, from clients to art-directors. I guess it suits them right. Time to get their priorities straight. Some really should look inside themselves once in a while, and not in the mirror. What is it called again.. inner beauty? Self-criticism? Modesty? Moderation? Humility? ... Some people should look those up in the dictionary I guess..

d9r8912-blog2_0 (click for full size)

I close my eyes in order to see..



Another set from the last stroll with Nives. Gave it a bit of an aged look, due to the background.

Še en kolažek z zadnjega potepanja z Nives. Tokrat v rahlo antiq obdelavi, zaradi same lokacije in ozadja.

nives-mixi3-small-v3_0 (click for full size)

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